We buy, pick up and deliver at your doorstep

Welcome to KliKlu 24×7 pickup and delivery services, we deliver everything!* Get started within minutes and start with your first delivery today!

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How it works

Place an order

Just place your order with truly clear instructions to guide the agent who will be executing your request.

Complete the payment

We will deduct the delivery fees from your card.

Receive the order

Now an agent has accepted your order and is ready to deliver at your doorstep.

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Why KliKlu

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Immediate deliveries

KliKlu is your number one solution for immediate/urgent pickups, drop-offs, and shopping from your designated pickup address to your preferred delivery location. Anytime, anywhere.

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Unique service

Avoid unnecessary commuting! Devote your time instead to things that matter by surprising your loved ones with unexpected gifts, or delegate your grocery shopping to us.

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Reasonable rates

Our agents are happy to assist you at very reasonable prices. Just place your order with clear instructions and one of our agents will respond to it within an hour.

What we do

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(groceries, food, clothes, toys, shoes, electronics)

Let our agents get what you need for your family dinner tonight or do urgent shopping when you do not have time.


House to house delivery

Surprise your loved ones with your famous brownies or your favourite croquette. Our agents can deliver them while they are still hot. Or think about the moments when you urgently need some tools to fix something in your house. Do not wait until tomorrow to get them – our agents can bring them tonight and you will get things done!

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Office delivery

Remember that day when you left some documents on a restaurant table? Ever wanted to have that appetizing avocado sandwich from Bagels and Beans or some herring from the kiosk at the corner? Place an order and our agents will bring it to you shortly while you finish your important email.