Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Kliklu

KliKlu is your number one solution for immediate and urgent pickups and drop offs and from your designated pick up address to your preferred delivery location. Another busy day? No time for shopping or pickups? Delegate it to our agents! Save your time from unnecessary commuting, devote your time to things that matter. Or surprise your loved ones with unexpected gifts wherever they are. Our agents are happy to assist you with any help you need. Just place your order and one of our agents will respond to it as soon as possible (subject to agent availability in your geographical location). Most of our agents are local in your communities and are familiar with all shops, offices, and shortcuts in your neighbourhood.

2. How does it Work?

You can order the KliKlu app, available on iOS and Android. You can also use our website order form if you are not able to use the app.

1. Place an order (Provide details of pick up, delivery address and add the list of items needed then submit)

2. An agent will accept the order/ you will receive an order confirmation (As soon as possible and subject to agent availability in your geographical location, one of our agents will accept your request and deliver it at your doorstep)

3. Complete the payment (Please check the items before you complete the payment)

4. Rate (Enjoy your delivered item(s) and rate the service)

3. How much does it cost to use KliKlu services?

You pay for the cost of delivery as follows:

  • Base fare starts at 5 Euro + 1.5 Euro Per/KM.
  • For example, if you ordered from your favourite store in City Mall, which is showing 5.4km from your location.
  • Then your total delivery charge will be (5 + (5.4 x 1.5)) = 13.1 + 21% VAT = 15.85 Euro. Delivery costs do not include the costs of the items that you have ordered and required to be purchased (Example: from a shop) and that must be settled directly between the customer and the agent. KliKlu does not provide any means to facilitate payments for shopping items.

4. Do you have Credit/Debit card services besides cash payment options?

We accept our delivery charges through Stripe payment gateway which is a reputable gateway and accepts most European credit cards and debit cards as well as international cards.

5. How long does the online payment refund process take?

This depends on Stripe payment gateway and case by case, but usually refunds are instant in case you cancel the order due to any unforeseen situations from our side.

6. Can I place an order without creating an account?

We only deal with people we know and that is why we ask you to create an account with us so that you can reuse our services easily next time and enjoy rewards. We respect your privacy and our data protection policies comply with the highest standards from the GDPR.

7. Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order, you have all the freedom to order from your nearby shop or send anything to any other destination. The base fare + per/Km price will still apply to calculate the delivery charges for the services.

8. Is there a maximum limit of items per order?

This will totally depend on the professional Agent who will accept your order, he/she will evaluate the items to purchase on your behalf or the items that you would like to send to a certain destination. Agents have all the rights to accept if your order is feasible or reject your order if your order is not feasible. For example, you want to send a dining table to your mother’s house. If it fits in his/her vehicle and you are happy to do it, then you are in good hands. Usually, our services are used to order food, shopping, groceries, necessities, etc. (Example: send a document from your office to another office or send food to your son’s house).

9. How do I redeem a voucher code?

You will receive a voucher by SMS or email, and then you use it when you place your next order if the voucher validity is within the expiry dates.

10. How does contactless delivery work in view of the current Covid-19 virus?

The instructions we give to our Agents are always compliant with the latest instructions from the Government. In addition, we always advise our Agents to respect and practice social distancing, here are some of our best recommendations that we communicate to them:

1. Agents are advised to wear masks at all the times during pickup and delivery process.

2. Agents are advised to minimize direct contact from pickup to final delivery.

3. Agents are advised to never mix their personal items with customers items.

4. Agents are advised to pick up order’s items only when they are ready.

5. Agents are advised to inform customers that their delivery is ready and can leave the items at their doorstep with the minimum possible direct contact.

6. In case of purchased items, payment between customers and agents are always recommended to be paid contactless using all available digital payment channels to minimize the usage of cash. For example, WhatsApp payment or any other mobile payment request method (Performing payments for purchased items is the responsibility between the customer and the agent). KliKlu is not a party in any purchase transactions between the customer and the agent. Therefore, KliKlu takes no responsibility for the liability or the outcomes of any purchase process (Please refer to the General terms and conditions for more details).

11. How long does it take to receive the order?

Our smart technology will automatically assign the nearest agent to your location to pick up your order and follow your instructions for the delivery. If the delivery instructions involve purchasing items on your behalf or involve any time delay, then the execution time of the delivery will be added to the trip that the agent will take to deliver your order at your doorstep.
Here is a simple formula: Time to deliver = execution time of pick up & delivery instructions + time to arrive at your location from pickup location.

12. Order tracking/ How can I be sure that my order has been delivered?

You will be notified by our agent and your App that the agent arrived at your doorstep. You will also receive a tracking link of your delivery so you can trace it.

13. What will happen in case my order did not arrive?

You can send us an email or leave a voice message to our customer support to help trace your order. If the order did not arrive due to unforeseen reasons like; the agent got into an accident or have had any emergency case, we will inform you as soon as possible. If the agent confirms the delivery will happen but he got delayed, then we advise you to contact the agent directly using the contact options in the App or the website.

14. What if I or the person who is receiving the order are not around when the agent arrives?

If our agent arrives at the delivery location and the person who is receiving the order is not available, then you can leave instructions to the agent on how to finish the delivery. Otherwise, the agent will return the items back to their original location, and in this case, you will be charged with the extra return delivery cost. If there is a financial loss on the agent side (i.e. the agent purchased items on behalf of the customer), then we advise the agent to resolve this directly with you. KliKlu cannot compensate the agent or the customer for any loss due to non-successful delivery of purchased goods.

15. My order is still late?

You can call the agent directly who accepted your order and get a full status of where and how the orders are progressing. If the agent is not responding, then please contact our customer support via our contact us form or via email. We can always trace and speak to the agent who has accepted your order and we will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours. Any delay that happened due to unforeseen reasons will be communicated back to you and you will be informed with the status of your order as soon as possible.

16. I need to change my delivery address

During the order, if you realised that you want to change the delivery address, then you can communicate that to your appointed agent via the chat or via phone if possible, and inform him about the change. The agent will still have the right to accept or reject your order. If an agent rejects the change in the address, then the delivery fees paid will be refunded if there is no financial loss at the agent side.

17. Amending or cancelling an order? (for e.g. I forgot to add an item to my order)

You can contact the agent and inform him/her with the items to add or remove, it will be up to the agent to accept or reject those items added or removed. You can only cancel an order just before the agent accepts it or starts the job to fulfil your request. After the agent has accepted your order and started the trip, if you decide to cancel the order, you will be nonetheless charged with the estimated delivery fees.

18. I was not happy with my order. (e.g. what I received does not match what I ordered) Who should I contact?

You can always email or leave a message to our customer support to investigate your case, your satisfaction is our mission and we will do our best to provide you with the best service.

19. I was not charged the right amount

Our system calculates the trip delivery costs automatically, if for any reason(s), there are charges that we deem incorrect, we will refund the extra amount. Please contact customer support to investigate.

20. I accidentally ordered twice

You can easily cancel your order from the app or web. Otherwise you can contact our customer support to cancel the additional order and any duplicated fees will be refunded.

21. Repeating a previous order OR how do I add an item as a favourite?

You can always save a favourite address in your favourite addresses located in the menu bar of KliKlu app. At this moment, we do not have the function for you to save an item or repeat the same order.

22. How can I add an image representing the order I want?

You can use the Add image button located on your Place Order screen.

23. How can I give the Agent a tip?

You can always give a tip to the agent directly when he arrives at the delivery address. (We do not provide payments for tips on our platform).

24. Can I place orders in advance?

Yes, you can schedule an order in advance, our team will be able to assign an agent at the date/time you decided for the pickup to happen. Please note that orders can always be cancelled last minute by the agent, and in that case, we advise you to try and make a new order.

25. Delivery times

Our system is open 24/7, 365 days a year, if there are agents available to pick up and execute your order, and if your pickup and delivery locations are open/available.

26. Delivery cities

We deliver in all cities where our agents are located and available. Please note that we are growing our Agent network rapidly, and hopefully we will be able to have sufficient coverage in your area in the future.

27. Can I rate or write a review about my recent orders?

Yes, you can always leave a rating and review of your experience with the agent who delivered your order using the link you receive by email after your order has been completed or you can also leave us some feedback using our feedback form.

28. How can I contact

Email us at or leave us a voice message on +31 6 15298562.

29. Do I get any rewards if I refer a friend?

Yes. We will give discount vouchers for your next orders.

30. Other questions or concerns?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions