About Us

Kliklu is a Netherlands based company, aiming to help the community with all types of online services. We believe in the power of humans: together we can thrive by helping each other out.

We are a trustworthy, reliable domestic delivery service in Europe.

Kliklu makes delivery a delightful experience for individuals to save time, money and focus on other activities and people who matter the most in life.

We are reshaping the world of delivery in Europe with cutting-edge technologies. Sending and receiving deliveries is simple, seamless, and just a few clicks away on your mobile or PC.

Kliklu also helps local merchants, brands, e-commerce, restaurants, grocery shops and many others send deliveries to their customers.

Why use Kliklu?
You can avoid unnecessary commuting, and instead, devote your time to things that matter. Or, surprise your loved ones with unexpected gifts wherever they are: office, restaurants, business trip, holidays, etc.

Why be our agent?
As a freelancer agent you might want to have an additional source of income while enjoying the flexibility of when and where do you want to work. Also, to help your community especially during the times of need such as during the Covid-19 period when many people were solely relying on the delivery service for their essential needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Kliklu provides valuable pickup and delivery service that helps people with extremely busy schedules to have all their basic errands done and delivered at the doorstep as soon as possible. We have done our best to achieve simplicity and make our services as user-friendly as possible and are happy to relieve you from unnecessary running about for the sake of your peace of mind.

Kliklu also acknowledges the environmental damage to plastic waste worldwide: we have made sure to inform our agents how to be more cautious when doing the shopping or delivering any items on your behalf. Our agents are advised to opt for paper wrappings when possible and to handle all your requests with care.

In the times of lockdowns and self-isolation, any outdoor tasks can cause potential threats. Therefore, we are happy to offer reduced fees to our service for all our elderly users.